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wholesale bags for chocolates, confections and gift baskets
from 2.5 x 6 in. to 34 x 48 in.
ultra clear and food safe …

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Welcome to Clear Candy Bags

Are you a chocolatier, gift basket provider, candy maker or provider of other ornately hand-packaged goods? If so, you know that your clients expect the personal touch when it comes to your product. That’s where we come in. We provide clear bags to suit your every need. From gift baskets to candies, if you can make it… we’re here to help you bag it.

If you sell candy, we’re here to help you sell eye candy. You have a fantastic product: show it off!

Our bags will clearly give you the perfect finishing accessory the the for all of your visual merchandising needs. You can rely on us for a great selection of in-stock clear candy bags in various shapes and sizes. If yon have a hard time finding the perfect bag to suit your needs, we also offer the option of customized sizing for special orders.

If you produce baskets, we have a great selection of cellophane rolls to put that finishing touch on your gift basket. All of our products, including our bags and rolls can be customized with your logo, or tinted in the colour of your choice.

Why should you buy from us? When you trust Clear Candy Bags, you are working with a family-run business that has been in the candy business for generations. We stand by our product completely. If you would like a sample before you commit to placing a large order, email us. We are happy to accommodate you, because we know once you see our product, you’ll know it’s the right fit for your company.

Best of all, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on any of our ultra-clear packing products.


“I have been purchasing bags here for years. No other bag compares in clarity and quality. Our product looks amazing in these crystal clear bags. Other bag companies have tried to convince me that their bags are just as clear until I do a side by side with product and hands down these are the best. The customer service is also superb!”
Sheri Burns, Original Fowler's Chocolates, Inc.
Annedore’s Fine Chocolates only uses Clear Candy Bags for packaging our specialty chocolates. There is a difference in cellophane bags – the weight, clarity, crispiness. These bags deliver on all counts.
Sheri Weedman, Annedore's Fine Chocolates