Welcome To Clear Candy Bags:

Clear Candy Bags is an independent, woman-owned business, and we are accountable to you, our customer!

Our roots lie in candy. Our owner, Penny Duke, was raised in a candy factory in Toronto, Canada. Her parents owned three retail stores and she worked in the stores and in the candy kitchen while she was growing up. They made everything from candy canes to peanut clusters, fudge and more.

In the store, Penny was the “bagger” who bagged the candy that was sold. There, she learned early on that once a bag was handled too many times, it no longer looked appealing and so when she saw things were looking handled, she would re-bag the candy and watch it fly off the shelf. It was a game she liked to play, which proved to her and her family that people buy with their eyes.

Later in life, her mother started “Allsorts Imports”, a candy importing company which morphed into Allsorts Premium Packaging. Allsorts sold specialty packaging to the plenitude of retailers in the 80’s and 90’s until Big Box Stores came in and swallowed up a lot of the mom and pop stores.

The business was forced to revaluate and come up with a new strategy. One of our “claim to fames” is that we brought printed cellophane into the market when the gift basket business craze hit.

Until Allsorts came along, there were a few tacky designs available for florists, but nothing exciting.

Penny’s mother, Rosemarie, a tremendous visionary, had the cellophane printed with various designs that people simply fell in love with. Our first ever print was butterflies.  She was also the creator of The Basket Bag which did not exist at that time.

She thought, wouldn’t it be easier to put a basket into a bag than wrapping it with the big cello roll? Like all great ideas, it was copied and is now a standard offering by anyone who sells packaging for gift baskets.  Mom is now retired, and daughter is carrying on.

In the early 2000’s we changed our name to Clear Candy Bags to better represent our product line and our new focus. We invested our energies back into the retailers who were still out there in specialty businesses and the clear choice for us was to go back to our roots and service the candy and confection sector.

Clear Candy Bags now services candy kitchens and bakeries who hand-pack candies and chocolates, as well as a range of basket bags and cello rolls for gift basket makers.

We offer in stock packaging as well as custom printing. We sincerely hope you will give us a try and find out how we can serve your packaging needs.