Clear Candy Bags is the leading provider of packaging supplies for businesses who create gift baskets. We can provide you with liners, cellophane wrap for your baskets and even gift basket bags. In fact, Clear Candy Bags is the company where clear plastic bags to wrap gift baskets in were born!

Years ago, we realized that using cellophane wrap to cover gift baskets can be difficult. Time is money, and it takes more time to pull sheets together to wrap the basket in a decorative way. By creating our gift basket bags, you are able to save time by simply slipping the basket into the bag, and arranging it in a decorative way.

Imagine if you were able to provide the same stunning baskets you always have, but take half the time you currently do to wrap it. Trust Clear Candy Bags to provide you with the most decorative wrapping on the market. And like all of our products, we can customize them to suit your needs by tinting them in your favourite colour or by placing your logo on them.

We look forward to serving you.

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I have been purchasing bags here for years. No other bag compares in clarity and quality. Our product looks amazing in these crystal clear bags. Other bag companies have tried to convince me that their bags are just as clear until I do a side by side with product and hands down these are the best. The customer service is also superb!”

Sheri Burns,
Original Fowler’s Chocolates, Inc.